CloudSecure installation instructions

Congratulations in having either installed the new CloudSecure software for your device, or your interested enough to have a look at how easy this could be.

First off you are going to need an account. You can get a free $5 account by registering at and then using coupon code BATNETWORK at checkout.

Send me my free $5 VoIP account

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You should have received an email from with all of your key information.

The easiest way to configure your application is to login to your account and then go to the Account Management tab and select the QR code.

Select the App on your phone and it will open a window to register the app.

Click the QR code and then point your phone camera at your QR code in your account.

The system will download the software and you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions.

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions you will be taken to your new phone system

If you signed  up on our free $5 account the system will tell you how much money  you have, will ask you to enter the destination number and will then calculate the amount of time available to this destination based on your credit. It will then place the call for you.

As the call is going over the internet, it may take between 15 and 30 seconds to connect. If you have signed up on our secure pack, your call will be encrypted to the destination if it remains on our network.

When the call is answered talk like normal, and remember that calls to other BAT-Customers are at no charge.


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