August Useful Links

Here is a collection of links that we have uncovered this month. We would like to reference everything and will do that when DudeNamedBen gets some time to either do it or get a freelancer to do it for us. Software Groundwire – iOS Groundwire – Android iSteg – Mac   Research Steganography What Your […]

CloudSecure installation instructions

Congratulations in having either installed the new CloudSecure software for your device, or your interested enough to have a look at how easy this could be.First off you are going to need an account. You can get a free $5 account by registering at and then using coupon code BATNETWORK at checkout. Send me […]

How steganography works

Steganography explained Steganography usually uses one of the four following file media: Images Audio Video Documents. We will primarily discuss images in this document as we can provide demos of the tools in use. We can also link you to the resources to help you use and experiment with steganography. We will provide the walk […]

Hidden messages

Hiding in plain sight

Hiding in plain sight Steganography is not something many people have heard of yet the practice of hiding messages in plain site is as old as the time that writing became a main stream form of communication. The word steganography combines the Ancient Greek words steganos (στεγανός), meaning “covered, concealed, or protected”, and graphein (γράφειν) […]