The BadArseTechnology Network (BAT-NETWORK) is our voice over IP network. What does this mean, well it means that any of the calls that are over our network can occur encrypted, either using a VPN, or our soon to be released BAT-SECURE interface.nnThe BAT-NETWORK is a fully featured system ready for all of your needs. Set up your company on our network and all your phones can take advantage of our cheap rates or free calls.nnOf course you can put calls on hold, transfer them to any party, ANYWHERE in the world. nnIncorporate the virtual phone numbers and you are able to have a truly international operation.nnWe recommend you purchase a virtual phone number for each of your phone lines, as all calls to those numbers will be free and secure, yet still providing access from the outside world. You can forward your virtual number to any number you like, meaning you are no longer locked into a carrier just because of your phone number.nnThe BAT-NETWORK is going to deployed organically and so is only available via pre registration. We will provide an introductory FREE $5 account to every person who registers. Note this will secure your place in line for when we switch the network on.nnBy inviting a friend we will give you an ADDITIONAL $10 free credit for every friend who registers.