BAT – Software


There are some very cool soft phones available for your mobile whether it is Android or iOS.

With issues of monitoring of communications, security can be important. We use a secure service from that uses a standard foundation app CloudSoftPhone and then is configured with all of their security.

For iOS from the Apple Store the link is CloudSoftPhone
For Android from the Play Store the link is CloudSoftPhone

Then register for a service at

When coupled with our BAT-NETWORK you’re able to make calls over our network securely and cheaply.

Click Here for the installation process


The product is called CHIRP and works on both Android and iOS. What does this little gem do I hear you ask. Well its pretty simple, it allows you to transfer messages, notes, images, links, photos via sound waves. As long as you have the app on when the message comes in you will receive it. It doesnt matter WHEN or how the sound is transmitted it will still bring up the information.

iOS –
Android –

As you will see from the message we will be making this part of our upcoming treasure hunt where we will give away some BadArseTechnology.

We can think of LOTS of ways that you could send out messages to followers to help rally the cause. The link could be twittered out, something we will also do and will post an update link HERE

What do you think of this product is it BadArseTechnology or aPileofBS? Let us know your thoughts.