Securing your communications

A phone designed to secure your calls and communications. All calls on the system are secure through to the PSTN network. Thats Bad Arse Technologies

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Other BAT things

Here are things that we find cool or Bad Arse, and thought you might be interested in. Whether its burying messages using a steganograhy tool, or showing you what hackers use. Check here

You can do WHAT??

Very Cool Software

Bad Arse Technology seeks out software we think is cool and can make your life easier or safer, whether thats encrypting your messages or helping spread the word. Thats Bad Arse Technologies

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Some BAT-Worthy stuff

New BAT-Logo contest decided

After three weeks of evaluations and interactions with more than 250 submissions, the final design for the new Bad Arse Technologies has been announced.nnThere are still some decisions to be made regarding the final color scheme but there is a real buzz about the possibilities that can be realised with the new design.nnThe origami metaphor […]

August Useful Links

Here is a collection of links that we have uncovered this month. We would like to reference everything and will do that when DudeNamedBen gets some time to either do it or get a freelancer to do it for us. Software Groundwire – iOS Groundwire – Android iSteg – Mac   Research Steganography What Your […]

CloudSecure installation instructions

Congratulations in having either installed the new CloudSecure software for your device, or your interested enough to have a look at how easy this could be.First off you are going to need an account. You can get a free $5 account by registering at and then using coupon code BATNETWORK at checkout. Send me […]

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